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                                           Multi-Use Buildings

1. Dining Halls

Approximately four dining halls feeding 90 persons each would be required. They would provide daily four different menus that would be published to offer variety. Before and after meals the buildings could be used as meeting areas, lounges, coffee shops, etc. A pizza parlor or café could be added later.

2. Lounges

Lounges would be provided for different age groups.

3. Offices & Meeting Facilities 

Each cluster would have meeting facilities and small offices.  The trades area would have offices and meeting facilities.

4. Warehouses

One warehouse would act as general store. One warehouse would service restaurants. One warehouse would service trades.


5. Workshops

Carpenters, plumbers, communications, welders, health services (nurses, gym, massage, barber), etc.


6. Learning Centers


Classrooms, libraries.


7. Hobby Shops

        Each cluster will have a hobby shop.


8. Barns

To house backhoe, tractors, farm equipment.


9. Retreat


A retreat lodge with accompanying guest houses would be available for seminars, a small get together, or a romantic vacation from the kids.

10. Chapel


11.  Outdoor Facilities

1. Recreation Fields

2. Playgrounds

3. Picnic Gazebos

4. Hiking Trails.

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