Jim Costa             

             Phone     (850) 463-7711     

                Location:  Pensacola, Florida     CST zone 


                           About James F. Costa


Formal Training:  CPA, Computer Systems Analyst and Paralegal.


Work History:  Banking Loan Officer - 4 years;
                     CPA - 4 Years;

                     Business Financial Controller - 20 years.
                     Experienced in government contracting.


Dropped out of work force 20 years ago to dedicate his life to the coming Collapse and Financial Reset and NESARA he saw coming.


Designed the Coop Village concept 15 years ago and waited for NESARA to come to fruition to freely build villages to help humanity move beyond the reset.

Spent 10 years maintaining a free website, dedicated just to the Collapse and Reset.

Health: Excellent; Age 72; Located near Pensacola, Florida, USA.