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Imagine building a community to provide affordable housing for 500 people, giving them permanent jobs and an affordable way of living - a way to get out of the "Rat Race" and into a less stressful environment. This concept, Co-op villages, will allow focus on getting the body healthy as well as creating a healthy sustainable environment.

Each Co-Op village will provide basic living needs, be ruled by consensus, focus on health care and health coverage; a community less reliant on fuel oil, transportation, and the outside economy. The community will create lifelong extended families whose priority is the well-being and happiness of each individual member and promote healing from today's pressures.

Each village will produce it's own utilities, organic food and health care system thus providing a desirable quality of life. The village would provide job training and permanent employment for most residents.

This will redesign the American dream and at the same time create a healing environment for the residents and for the earth. From start to finish no one would make a profit on another.


•  A community of 400-500 non-denominational, multi-ethnic, diverse people,


•  Designed for the Post Collapse and reset period.

A sustainable Community.
  Keeping the planet's resources intact for future generations.

A Community that shows how.
    State-of-the-art, positive technology can create better living for all life.

A Community designed to be energy self-sufficient.
     There are existing communities that have already accomplished this.

• A Cooperative Community
    where everyone has more through sharing resources.
    Wealth is redefined as use and access rather than as possession.

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