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                                            Residency Process


                           Rules          Process           Tools          Questions of Concern




Co-Op Village  Resident Rules   


1.  Resident must not be a threat (physical, verbal or emotional) to others.


2.  No illegal activities undertaken while a resident.


3.  Residents must be able to switch from “what is in my best interest”
    to a mode of “what is in the best interest of all concerned”.


    A six month probation period would be imposed to insure that this is

    possible, and village life is indeed what the resident chooses.


Residence Screening and Admission Process       Back to Top


The application process has not been written and uploaded yet.  We will began taking applications after January 1, 2007.
In the meantime this is what may be required:


  1. Attend series of educational seminars on Coop Village to include

      mission, financing, personalities, village resources, governing process, how to meditate, etc.


2.  Spend time in guest housing, if possible, to experience/participate in village life.


3.  Complete Family Information Form (see sample).


4.   Complete financial screening (initial entrance fee, payment for building materials,
     apply for financing, etc.)


6.  All intake forms would be taken by the Recruitment and Human Resource departments,
    then completed further by them.  Village needs and residents work potential and
    desires would then be matched. 


7.   Accounting would create a cash flow projection for that family and
     assimilate it into the overall village cash flow.


8.  Persons from both Human Resources and Recruitment would be assigned to
    new residents for six months.  They would introduce them to the village concept 

     and help them during the probation period to achieve their personal goals.


9.  Membership decisions would then be made by the Focus Group
   “How will we expand our community”.




Membership Screening Tools         Back to Top



Initial entrance fee?

Cash available to purchase their share outright?

Financing required?

How will they meet their living expenses?  Work inside, outside or cash?


Work History



Physical Abilities





Living space

Special accommodations & needs







Require written or verbal declaration of interest in coop village concept.



Questions of Concern         Back to Top


Along with the usual questions the Village would be most interested in the following items:


  • Names, ages and relationships of all family members.


  • Names, ages and relationships of others needing living
    accommodations on an intermittent basis.


  • Special needs of any family member.


  • Current and anticipated educational needs.


  • Family pets.


  • Criminal and social behavior problems of family members
    and potential any family visitors.


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