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. . . Freely helping Preppers in the Pensacola, Escambia county,   

      Florida area (50 mile radius) connect with other local  
      Preppers, Prepper groups and organizations;


. . . Freely helping local Preppers prepare their extended family
     quickly and cheaply;


. . . Freely assisting you in forming your own survival group.


If we experience a financial or governmental interruption/collapse, like it or not, you will most likely end up in a brick house with 15 persons, hiding from the public to stay safe. This site is a clearing house of local groups and assets to enable you to quickly prepare your family for this.

If you want your extended family prepared within 30 days cheaply and easily, then see Group Survival Plans for your own group or join an existing group.

We still have free room available at our group survival Farm in Milton, Fla.          Details                                                  

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                               Revised  August 20, 2023

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