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Group Survival Farm
     Milton, Fla.


As of April, 2023 we still have free room for a few families 

at our completed group survival farm.

Admission Fee:    Zip.


     *  Must be able to feed yourself for a minimum of
        3 months.

     *  Not be a threat to any one else in the group.


     *  Adults must have a hand gun.  Able bodied men must
         have a long-gun and ammo.

     * Activate when you deem necessary and leave when
        you are ready.

This is a place prepared to defend you but in all probability we will not be molested as we are out of sight of others.

We expect to remain on the grid.  Group Survival style.
All construction completed.
Your training will be done when activated.


We have 6 Focus groups organized now:

   Health, Moral, Nutrition, Physical (things), 
   Planning and Security. All manuals written.


We have enough members now but can help a few more families.  Plenty of space for tents and hook-ups for campers.
Kids can play outside due to privacy location.


Possibly expect activation around mid-May, 2023, as chaos will probably be underway in June.

Our goal is to quietly go through the chaos period by studying and preparing for the new economic systems on the backside as humanity cleans up its act and returns to sanity.


Leadership:  All leaders up for reelection monthly.

For all details, See:           Group Survival

          Quick Reference:    Entry Requirements PDF

                                      Leadership PDF 







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