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Local Groups

There are three survival groups in the area. All but one offer training meetings.  Three offer existing survival groups you may freely join.  One will freely help you organize and train your own group.

Before we begin let's recognize that Preppers can be broken down into three camps: Shelter at home, hide in the forest, and lastly, have a fall-back group retreat waiting in the country. These local groups each offer you one of those three options.  But first you must determine which method of survival you intend to pursue; you can't plan for all three.

The Three Groups Are:

Southern Paradise Farm - Milton Fla.            Email Address

         40 acre secluded farm; 50 Members;
        fully constructed and organized.

         Member Requirements:  Be prepared to sustain life for yourself
        for a minimum of 3 months.
        Annual dues of $100 Single adult; Max of $200 Family.

         No work requirements.
        All training to be done after activation, including shooting.

         They also offer to freely assist you in organizing
        your own group.

Gulf Coast Prepper Network -  Mobile, Ala.     Website

        Monthly Training Meetings;  West side of Mobile.

        Some members grouped to camp in forest,

        some will shelter in place.

        Excellent Informational website and forum.
       No membership Fees.

       Some of the group plan on sheltering together.

   Crestview Preppers - Crestview, FL  

       Monthly Training Meetings; West side of Crestview, on Hwy 90.

       No Membership fees.
      10:00 AM, 2nd Saturday of each month.

      Contact:    Larry Wooley    (850) 682-2200

        or Carol at:

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