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The Purpose of this website is to freely connect local residents with all Patriots and residents with budding local groups formed to take back control of our governments, to assist them as we go through the Governmental and Financial Collapse and Reset to free ourselves from enslavement by our shadow government.


This site Is Independent of governments and political parties. We are just a register of local groups wishing to serve our local community in getting past the expected chaos from the massive changes we hope for and to help our community recreate its future and our own personal futures, in accordance with our Federal and State Constitutions.


Our Goals are to give a brief outline of each local group, their short and long term goals, meeting information, website and contact information. We will also maintain a two month calendar of all County & City Government main meetings and groups listed here, posting all agendas and notes on those events to keep you informed.


Facts & Assumptions:


We have been in a World War for our independence and sovereignty that we hope will free us from our globalists controllers. Our economic system is now in shambles. If we win our sovereignty back our governments are expected to vastly shrink in size and control over us. All of this can not just be handed to us – we must create our way out of the old system and into our newly created systems.

There is no Cook Book telling us how to go about this. It will be done by trial and error, community by community. We need your participation in all of these new processes that will demand attention going forward.


For those of us who remember the same named movie based on the real life of PATCH ADAMS, you will remember the advice he received in finding solutions to problems, given to him by a genius. “You must look past the problem to see the solutions, otherwise the problem will scare you and you can’t get past it.”

Well Folks, we need to stop focusing on the problem now because we know what it is. We now need to be exploring solutions and in doing this lots of local groups will be forming to explore specific solutions for specific problems.


We Need You:

We are new as of June, 2021. Feel free to chime in on improvements we need to make in this website.

P.S.  The purpose of this website is to begin opening communications among 
of Santa Rosa county, Florida.

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